ResolvedTo other Lafka buyers: How do you design your Shop page?

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    Hi Administrators aaaaand users.

    First to Administrators: If this is not okay to ask here, please just close or delete my post.

    To other buyers:
    Do you wanna share with me how you have designed or customized the shop page?
    The reason why I am asking, is because I am struggeling a bit here. I like the design of the ‘Restaurant Menu’, it is so nice and clean, and actually I have spent a lot of time making the menucard looking super nice.

    My main concern is that I would like to have a ‘Quick View’ button next each menu in the ‘Restaurant Menu’ that just opens the Quickview of a WooCommerce product, but this is not an option. The best I can do here, is to link to the WooCommerce product, but it will give too many clicks for customers, thats why a quick view pop-up would have been awesome.

    BUT, okay.. If I start talking about the Shop page now, my hair almost starts to turn grey. Oh my god it looks terrible. So.. How did you make this look more clean and nice?

    My client has a restaurant menucard that is quite huge, and with a lot of categories and subcategories.
    Are you using some sort of plugin to show a FILTER with the categories or what did you actually do?

    And please, if somebody know of a method on how to insert fx a button or a text with a link that would just open the quickview for a WooCommerce Product on the Restaurant Menu page, I would be more than happy. Actually it would save my day 🙂

    All the best


    Hi Surdusvacca,

    Not a problem asking other users.

    However, what you need just can’t be done. You can’t have a “quick view” for the “Restaurant Menu” post type.

    For the WooCommerce shop page – we are currently working on a new “list view” layout which is pretty similar to the “restaurant menu” design.

    As for the filters – you can use widgets in a sidebar or in the dedicated filters area above the products. It’s available in Lafka just like in all our other themes. It’s just not shown in the demo, as it’s not very common on food websites. You can have a similar to this functionality with Lafka too:

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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