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    Hello. I am using the PW Gift Card plugin with the Zass theme. It worked initially, but after a recent theme update, I could no longer add the product to the cart on the front end. It gives a success message, but does not show up in the cart.

    I have narrowed this down to a conflict with the theme by testing it with the default twenty seventeen theme (it works). I reached out to the plugin author to see what they recommend. Here was their response with my comments in parentheses:

    The PW Gift Card Product is an extension of the Variable product type. There may be an issue with variable products (although I have many other variable products on the site that work fine).

    If the Variable products work, we have seen some “AJAX Add-to-Cart” options will not pull in the complete Form data. This means you will not have all the To / From / Message fields. The product will be added to the cart but will not show the To / From / Message fields. When the Order is complete, the gift card will be emailed to the purchasing customer since the recipient email address wasn’t collected. We use standard WooCommerce functions for the Add to Cart routine. The submission includes all of the HTML <form> elements so we can collect the additional fields. (This also doesn’t seem to be the exact issue because the item isn’t adding at all, but I thought the Ajax comment may be helpful).

    Can you help look into this and see if we can resolve the issue in a future theme update? I am happy to provide an admin login to the site or anything else you need to investigate. The website is


    Hi maria.emerson,

    With plugins like this you’d need to disable the “AJAX add to cart on single product page” in Theme Options > Shop tab.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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