Resolved*URGENT: Theme Update ‘broke’ the ADD TO CART AJAX function

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    Hi Dimitar

    The latest theme update has affected the Add to Cart Ajax and how the theme added a product in cart (on single product page).

    So, when at a single product page and adding the product in cart, the theme used to show right next to the cart: “visit cart” , or something like that. Now is not showing nothing. Neither the cart icon at the header is updated by showing the cart items. Not unless you refresh the page. So customers are adding products to cart and nothing happens and we are loosing sales!!!

    Please have a look and fix it at the very earliest since it’s causing us a great loss of sales and a huge number of abandoned carts at the moment!!



    Hi Dimitar.

    I solved this problem only after I enabled Woocommerce > products > Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives.

    Until now, I was under the impression that if we only enable Theme Options > Enable AJAX Add to Cart on Single Product Pages, that was enough for the Ajax to work…. And it did work, up until now! It stopped after the theme update!

    Anyhow, not we have both ‘Ajax’ boxed ticked (WC & Theme options), but if that’s what it takes for it to work, so let it be.

    On a slightly different level; In the Theme Demo: on PC, from the single product page when adding a product into the cart, an orange ‘pop up small icon’ slides out on the top right corner showing “product was added to the cart” and then immediately a larger ‘slider’ comes out hiding the first one, writing/showing the item added to the cart and the cart total value. How can I achieve that? The way it works my cart right now when adding a product into it, it only shows the orange ‘pop up small icon’. That’s all. The largest slider showing the cart total does not show. And i would like that to show… since it’s a larger slider and more noticeable!!

    A bit hard to explain all these in writing. Hope I was understood!



    Hello Yiannos,

    1. I believe the the Theme Options setting name is pretty self-explanatory – “Enable AJAX Add to Cart on Single Product Pages“. WooCommerce by default on product pages. doesn’t offer such functionality on product pages and it was always needed to explicitly enable it for the listings. Most probably you just didn’t notice it because most of your products are variable and can’t be added directly.

    2. It’s pretty clear, don’t worry. As far as I can see you just don’t have the cart module in header active. The sliding cart is the one located in the header, so if it’s disabled in Theme Options you can’t have it when adding products.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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