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    Hello Althemist!

    I am wondering how I can disable the brand name at the top of the Vendor Shop, so that the first thing you see is the cover and logo – or alternatively, can the products be set to appear on top and then the description etc at the bottom??

    Thank you 🙂


    Hi all!

    I am also interested on this topic.

    I precise:
    Similarly to the categories pages, that we are allowed to add a cover picture and that picture is placed on the very top when you open that category page, without the presence of the theme header. Meaning, the categories pages do not have theme header, and that is how it should be. Same should go for the Vendors pages. When you open a Vendors page/shop, only the vendors picture/template should appear…. and not the theme header (which theme header takes so much space just to show the breadcrumbs on one line and the vendors name on the second line! Not needed.

    In general: the theme header… in categories/vendors pages/ etc etc, is way too big and takes too much vertical space filling up the mobile & desktop view…. and its needed to scroll way down to see the content. We should be able to minimize the theme header (make it shorter in height) or eliminated it somehow. This is only possible at the HOME page, via the Bakery plugin…. but its way too complicated. We need an easier way to minimize the theme header via the theme settings for all the pages!

    In my opinion, this is one of the MAJOR MAJOR requirements for the theme. For now, the theme layout (for the Etsy style version of the theme), considering the large header it has, is more oriented to a Blog page and not a Woo-commerce/Marketplace page. By being able to minimize the height or change or eliminate the THEME HEADER, somehow, it will transform the Rigid Theme into a truly woocommerce/marketplace theme. Without too much of header waste space etc etc etc

    Many thanks for your patience reading our suggestions!


    Hello pachabazar,

    This screenshot looks really strange. Doesn’t seem to be one of the popular multi-vendor plugins. Which one do you have? If you give us a link to that page, we may be able to provide instructions.

    As for moving the description bellow products – I am afraid that’s not theme related. You’d probably need to consult that with your plugin’s support team.



    The theme header appears on ALL page, including the category pages and it’s NOT possible to remove it via the WP Bakery plugin! THe only option to remove the header is to set the page (any stadnard page) to use the blank page template (no header and footer).

    As for the general theme styling, I am afraid this is not the other user’s opinion and we can’t change the entire theme to serve a single user’s needs. Anyways, you can always set your header to use a standard layout (not transparent) and page title with no images. This way it would take a lot less space.

    As for the header on the vendor shop page – this can’t be controlled separately, as it’s using the default product archive template. It’s how multi-vendor plugins work.


    Hello and thanks for the answer!

    I’m attaching another screenshot, what I meant is exactly the same as @YiannosCy, I find the header (breadcrumbs+space+brand name) takes way too much space, almost 3 whole-page scrolls to start seeing products.

    I am using WCMP, so no problem there, the page is:

    Reading the response you gave @YiannosCy, I understand that is how the theme works, evidently. However I find it a bit rude to dismiss a client’s needs like that, saying it is not what other users want. We are at least two interested in this and if you could at least tell us where to edit this in the theme archive I’d appreciate it, since the theme is supposed to be highly customizable and none of the Vendor Shop styles accommodate this issue which for me at least, is essential. i

    Thank you in advance a have a nice day 🙂



    Still having lots of issues and I can see this thread has been marked as ‘solved’ however it is not solved – hope to get an answer soon 🙂

    Thank you,



    Hello Ximena,

    You can always change the topic status, but even with a “resolved” status it’s still active, so it’s not really needed.

    The link you provided doesn’t work (leads to 404 not found) – – may be because yor site is password protected.

    However, I get what you mean, but this is not theme related. It’s how WCMp works. It adds the store header in a standard product archive page bellow the original page title. The only way to hide the page title would be with CSS.

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