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    since updating WCMp plugin the theme has not been displaying the vendor page correctly.

    your theme uses Breadcrumb. For an archive page and displays the default name ( in vendor shop page vendor name ). But from WCMp 3.7, they have created custom endpoint( like reviews, policies ). So your theme not able to recognize these pages. Because these pages are not woocommerce pages. As they have used the default name in a place of that.

    WCMp have told me to contact you regarding this as the compatibility does not work

    Rigid Theme – Full Width Vendor Page



    Hi mailretros,

    I have read your entire topic in the WCMp support forums. It’s really insane how they “fix” problems in their plugin with changes in the theme. The latest version of WCMp is a total nightmare and a lot of things doesn’t even work.

    However, the latest theme version have some of the problems fixed, including their broken layout. It would look slightly different though. We will check if the breadcrumb problem can be fixed from the theme and release an update if possible.



    okay i might not rush to modify/update anything on WCMp until i know it works.

    I have a visual bug which i dont know if it is the theme or wcmp, could you please advise on the below:

    Images product – Visual bug

    i can make a ticket if it is something you are able to fix

    many thanks


    This is definitely not WCMp related.

    Looks like you have too many images and the column is bigger than the main image height. In your case may be the best option would be to move the additional images bellow the main image. You can do this with some simple CSS rules. Something like this:

    div.product div.images, #content div.product div.images {
            padding: 0;
    span.onsale {
            top: 30px;
            left: 30px;
    div.product div.images ol.flex-control-nav, #content div.product div.images ol.flex-control-nav {
            width: 100%;
            position: relative;
            padding-top: 20px !important;
            text-align: left;
    div.product div.images ol.flex-control-nav li, #content div.product div.images ol.flex-control-nav li {
            margin-right: 5px;

    Hope this helps.



    Hello mailretros,

    Regarding the breadcrumb for policies and reviews. We added those two endpoints to the breadcrumb. The update with will be available at latest tomorrow.

    We don’t see a reason to contact with WCFM regarding this, because it makes more sense to apply the modifications in the theme in order to support the plugin and not the opposite.

    Sorry asking you for this, but please let them know that we’ve fixed this in our site.

    Thank you,

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