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    Hello, i would like to ask some questions:

    1) Why does the video slider have a delay for a few seconds when your refresh the page or when you land on it? Can this be removed so that the video will start immediately?

    2) For some reason even though i have purchased and verified my theme in Althemist, it seems that i don’t have access to some topics. What can i do to get fully verified as a buyer of the theme?

    3) Is there a way that the images will be automatically resized? When we insert images they don’t fit each other if they are in the same page if they won’t have identical dimensions, so they look messy. But this is difficult to be done each time and we have to resize each image by hand. Is there a solution for this?

    4) When an image is inserted and we need it to popup and be seen as in a gallery, so that it will be watched zoomed, what is the best way to do this?


    Hi glo,

    1. The videobackground needs few seconds because it’s streaming from youtube. The dealy would depend on several factors such as internet connection speed, video quality etc.

    2. As a verified buyer you have access to all topics in Grosso forums. You can’t access forums for other themes.

    3. We’d need more information on this. Exactly which images are you talking about?

    4. You can use some of the default WPBakery galleries for this (gallery grid, masonry grid etc.) You can also use our custom cloudzoom gallery.

    Hope this helps.

    Looking forward to reeving more information on p.3


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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Hello everybody! Please, accept our sincere appologies for the delaeyd support last 2 weeks. One of our team members was diagnosed with Covid-19 and we were isolated without the chance to leave home or access our office. We are now back to work and slowly catching up with delayed support tickets. We expect the queue to be cleared and everything to be back to normal schedule by Monday, 29th of June.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

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