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    My website has suddenly stopped loading on mobile, see I have tested this on several mobiles and have the same result for all.

    What’s very weird is that after 15 seconds of loading, if I scroll up and down on mobile while the page is loading – it will suddenly appear. However if I don’t scroll – it will just show the loading icon forever and not load the page.

    Even if I just refresh the page after it’s loaded – I get the same issue. The page should be cached so I don’t understand why it’s not loading quickly. Instead, the loading icon just shows infinitely

    The problem is also on some laptops where some pages never load. On Thursday the average time to load the homepage was 3-4 seconds and it’s now 15-20. I haven’t changed any settings since then. I checked with my hosting provider and there are no issues or config settings that should cause this. Is there anything theme related that could cause this issue?

    I am in the middle of a large marketing campaign at the moment and have lost a lot of potential customers (& money) as a result of this so would appreciate a quick response if possible, thank you as always for your support!



    A dev told me that when I attempt to open the website in a Mobile device everything is loading in the footer, but not in the header. When I scroll down the header is being loaded as well the JS scripts and the website is loading as intended. What could be causing this issue?


    I have jsut checked your website. It works fine, but extremely slow. Looks like incorrect caching settings, but can’t tell for sure. Did you make any changes to the caching on your website? I can see CSS files and JS files are not loading in correct order, so most probably that’s the reason.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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