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    Hi Dimitar

    Hope you can help me out on this one.
    All of a sudden every second page i open at yiassu dot com, it has a large white empty space on top of it, at the header. With the little i know without assigning yet a developer to have a look at it, it seems its an additional padding that is added to it with no reason….. IF you refresh the page…. it goes away.
    Any ideas why this is happening? Theme conflict maybe with a plugin… or?



    Hi Dimitar,

    A crucial point to add on the above which i just realize: the whole problem started only when i enabled the “Show “My Account” Icon” in theme options. It was before disabled.
    Once i enabled that, i am facing these problems:
    (1) On desktop: from time to time when i open pages and/or product pages, i get this huge vertical white padding on the header.
    (2) On mobile: Same as the above.
    In addition: the “My Account” icon on mobile, is missing. Don’t know if that’s the norm.
    Also, when the page (any page) is loading (trying to open) before it opens it, a distorted “login/register” page appears on the top…. and it goes away after a split of a second. Almost as if it shows the “My Account” options once you click on the button!

    I wonder whats causing this problem….

    Well, before i send you this ticket this time, i disabled the “My account” icon from theme settings and all problems on mobile and desktop went away!!!

    Could you please investigate and let me know what you think is the problem?
    If you want me to provide login credentials or enables again the “My account” on header, pls do let me know.



    Hello Yiannos,

    I am afraid this is not theme related, so we can’t really help. It’s most probably caused by your cache plugin and the way it combines CSS and JS files. The gar is caused by the page still missing all styles before the cached CSS and JS is loaded. Also, it is definitely NOT related to the account icon being enabled or disabled.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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