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    Hi there,

    I want to ask you if a multi vendor site can be optimized just for a certain level. and if the backery page builder destroys optimization! Actually I hired a freelancer to do it but he said “If you do full optimization, your website will be afraid” Plus there was WP message that kept telling me there is a critical problem something about server load time and optimization. So I applied another work above his work( lite speed optimization) .

    . Simply because I believe a marketplace shouldn’t be slow or it causes users to run away. Especially, until now I still haven’t vendors with products and a lot of pictures. How will it be with them!

    So, some problems affected meta description-although I did them page by page- and some affected the style. like these:

    mobile disply
    Quick accesss icon
    stretched pictures inside frontend manager like logo, banner and badges

    So, I saw another freelancer and this is how he sees the problem “Your all mess happened because of the pagebuilder you’ve used. The wp bakery page builder. sorry to say sir, as my experience I’ve got a bad experience on this page builder , as a bunch of orders I’ve canceled due to this problem. Actually the issue is, wp bakery page buildes uses a backdated code structure, which is not optimizable, when we try to optimize the wpb builder the website breaks. And there is no solution without replacing this pagebuilder with a better one.”

    I see that is a major problem this way .
    Is it either to have optimization for a certain level or to replace the builder! Despite the fact that other page builders destroy the site like elementor!

    P.S. Can you consider the request in the private reply ,if you please?

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    Hi omarodeh88wz,

    1. The WP Bakery Page Builder is one of the most popular page builders. It doesn’t slow down the site and doesn’t stop you from optimizing it. Our own site (this one here) is built on the same theme (Rigid) and is using the WP Bakery page builder. It loads in most cases under 2 seconds. 🙂 Elementor is way heavier than WP Bakery. The only way to optimize your site and make it faster is to get a good hosting.

    2. We have removed your domain from posts.

    3. We can’t replicate that problem. Everything seems fine with that menu on our end.


    I will reply in 2 messages:
    Thanks for your reply and for 2+3

    For 1- I do trust your choices in the theme services therefore I wanted to ask you first.So,and since you cleared it. it’s Ok for wpbakery. I will keep using it ,especially I like the easiness and nice features of it.

    About the optimization: I have already optimized the site using lite speed cache, then tried to solve pictures problems and they are Ok now.
    Is it really the only way to optimize it is having good hosting company? I mean mine is hostinger. It’s really an excellent one -after comparison with many good ones.
    by the way they offered to optimize it for 100$. So, depending on that I thought the site could be optimized .This is the reason why I hired someone and still needed the site to be faster so I did some work.
    In addition to that I’ve asked you once about why is it too slow.Your answer was that it’s not optimized.

    The question is 1- can optimization hurt my site so I need to reset lite speed cache to default settings?
    Here are some photos of speed and performance .I still think it needs further work . I appreciate if you help with suggestions for improvement.
    mobile performance is very ugly and there are no icons-menus and no functions
    desktop performance also no really good.


    look how ugly the theme on the mobile performance option:
    buttons are over each other and icon is under it’s place.
    in the bottom there are 2 options mobile/ desktop . desktop is excellent in ms of look. all described abouve ugliness is for mobile .look

    2-Now if it is theme related I wish u can tell me how to figure it out.
    if not tell me where to ask for help and name the problem for me.

    3-I worked on the site on terms of security and optimization. It would be very helpful if u share piece of advice regarding what are the most important things to do for a WP multi vendor website to ensure smooth, scure and excellent user experience.



    Hi omarodeh88wz,

    It’s not only which hosting company you use, but also what kind of hosting you have with them (shared, VPS etc.) Even with the best company, if it’s a shared hosting plan, the speed would be far from the best.

    Also, optimization is not just setting a plugin. You’d need to do a lot of other things – optimizing content, set proper image sizes, compress images, enable server side compression etc., etc.

    BTW, on these screenshots it looks like it’s a different theme


    Thanks alot.

    Can you tell me what is the best image size to ask vendors to crop their images to?

    Thank you


    That would depend on your specific settings and there is no universal size, but 900×900 should work fine in most cases.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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