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    I need you as author of this theme to update WPBakery as I am receiving this message:

    “There is a new version of WPBakery Page Builder available. View version 6.8.0 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin. To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit settings to activate your WPBakery Page Builder. Got WPBakery Page Builder in theme?”

    It is very crucial for my work to keep your themes updated according to the article:

    “How to update and receive support if I do not purchase a direct license?
    In such a case, you need to wait for your WordPress theme author to update WPBakery Page Builder on their side and push it to you. Also, support-related questions should be addressed to your WordPress theme provider.”

    So as you support you need to update the WPBakery as I just bought this theme and I need it to be updated the soonest as.

    Please notify me in my email when this issue is solved, some pages looked very bad because of the old version I installed along with your theme.

    Many thanks


    Hi dear,

    Still no reply, can you please update me for my issue. I started to have some issues in one my home page, as i cannot use WPBakery from my dashboard.

    When I go WP admin >> dashboard >> All pages >> home page >> all boxes appears in codes, and i cannot see WPBakery any more. this issue appears only in Home page, other pages looks fine.



    When new version of the plugins is released, sometimes we need several days to adapt our scripts for the new version. It will be released later today or may be tomorrow morning. However, this is not crucial for the correct work of your site. It would work absolutely fine with the older version until we release the update.

    However, if you give us temporary admin access to your site, we can investigate what could be wrong with your home page.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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