Lafka – Food Order & Delivery WooCommerce Theme

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Main Features

  • Product Addons
  • Build Your Pizza / Burger
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Allergens List
  • WooCommerce Order Hours
  • 100% Responsive
  • WP Bakery Page Builder
  • 6 Ready to Use Demos


Working on a fast food or restaurant website and struggle to find the features you or your client need? Well, search no more!

Lafka Offers Everything You Need (and even more)

Built with online fast food business needs in mind and great attention to details, Lafka is a child of 6 months deep industry research. It’s main features were consulted with real-life local business owners in order to provide the best industry-specific features that every restaurant manager needs in their day to day business tasks.

Packed with essential functionalities you won’t find in another theme (or even a third-party plugin), Lafka is unbeatable when it comes to online food ordering based on WooCommerce.

Essential Fast Food Restaurant Features

Online food ordering business have certain specific requirements such as menu listings, nutrition facts and allergens info, options to add toppings and extra ingredients to products (e.g. pizza, burgers etc.), order hours and what not. This is where Lafka shines bright above other themes.

1. WooCommerce Order Hours Schedule

WooCommerce by default is not ready to serve online food orders business, as it lacks the ability to restrict orders to specific working time. Lafka theme is the only WooCommerce theme you’ll find with the option to limit WooCommerce orders in certain hours (e.g. – restaurant working hours).

You can set your restaurant’s time zone and define when your website accepts orders and when it’s closed. With this custom functionality, you have full control on your food delivery business. No more orders outside working hour and less confusion and frustration for your customers. The full list of features include:

  • Time Zone, so you don’t depend on the hosting server time
  • Message to customers when your restaurant is closed
  • Option to display a countdown till the next opening
  • Option to hide add to cart buttons, so users can’t even add products to their shopping cart
  • Option to override the current schedule and open/close your shop immediately
  • The Drag and Drop Time Table where you actually create your working hours
  • Option to set holiday/vacation days when the default time table will be ignored and the shop will stay closed.
  • Option to clear the user’s cart when shop state is changed

2. Built-in Product Addons Functionality

You can easily build products with extra ingredients and toppings or even custom products of the “build your burger” or “build your pizza” type. This is essential in a business where clients want to personalize their food. Someone would want extra cheese on their pizza, while other client would like to choose the dough type for their burger bun. Lafka offers all this without the need to purchase third-party expensive plugins.

Add-Ons can be set globally (for all products or specific categories) or on per product basis. All addons can be set as required or optional and you can set a price for each addon to be added on top of the product price if you wish.

For addons where only a single option can be selected, it’s recommended to use the Radio Button type and always select a default option (e.g. pizza crust type like thin, wholegrain etc.).

The Checkbox type can be used when multiple options are available for the product at the same time (e.g. additional topings on pizza like salami, mushroom, bacon etc.).

3. Nutrition Facts With Automatic RDI Calculation

The nutrition info section will automatically calculate RDI (Reference Daily Intake) values based on the WHO (World Health Organization) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommendations for 2000 calories diet.

4. Food Allergens List

You can easily add any allergens in your food in a clear and convenient way and avoid customers confusion (or something even worse).

5. Order Specific Product Variation Directly From Product Lists

Reducing the number of clicks and pages to navigate in order to increase client satisfaction is crucial for any online business and ordering food online is no different. Choosing the pizza size for example should be as simple as possible and users must be allowed to order different sizes in a quick and easy manner (e.g. – ordering one small and one medium pizza).

Lafka is the only theme where you can actually do that directly in product listings with just 2 clicks.

6 Ready to Use Fast Food Demo Websites

Lafka theme offers 6 pre-made demo websites for Fast Food chain, Gourmet Burger Shop, Pizzeria, Artisan Bakery, Food Truck & Catering and Sushi Bar.

Each website demonstrates specific features related to the fast food business like food menu, online food ordering, product add-ons (good for “build your burger/pizza” types of products), detailed nutrition guide, automatic RDI calculations, allergens info and option to order product variation directly from the product listings.

All design elements or fast food features you see on any demo can be used on another one. Mix features and design elements as you wish. Of course, each demo can also be imported with a single click.

Powerful Food Menu System

Custom Menu Entry post type and menu shortcode with product options, allergens list, nutrition info and option to link entries to woocommerce products.

Many options available, so you can display menu lists over dark or light background, with or without images, linked to single menu entry page or static list, sortable full lists and more.