The WordPress Security & Anti-Spam Optimization service aims to improve your overall website security. We do not use specialized plugins like Sucuri and WordFence in the optimization process in order to keep your WordPress installation as light and clean as possible. This is a basic optimization that also helps prevent your website being hacked by bots using brute-force attacks or bots using well known security holes and trying to inject malicious code to your files. Such protection would be enough in 99% of the cases and the other 1% can’t be stopped with plugins anyway. Also, note that this optimization can’t prevent DDoS attacks as this is something that needs to be addressed on server level.

What’s included:

  • Installation and proper configuration of “Limit Login Attempts” solution
  • Limiting the file edit possibilities in the admin area in case your site admin is compromised
  • Optimization of database access and modify permissions
  • Limit access to wp-admin for certain IPs only (optional)
  • Proper anti-spam configuration and settings


WordPress Security & Anti-Spam Optimization is only offered for websites running on Althemist team WordPress themes.