The WordPress Performance Optimization service aims to improve your website loading speed and overall pagespeed stats. The techniques used would greatly depend on many different factors like your hosting server, your specific content and your audience location, so they would never be the same for two websites.

What’s included:

  • Installation and proper configuration of caching plugin
  • Enabling and proper configuration of resources minification, combination and loading sequence
  • Enabling and proper configuration of code and content compression
  • Proper configuration of expiration headers for your cached assets
  • Configuration of the best image settings for your specific website
  • Optimization of your WordPress database
  • Optimizing back-end performance
  • A consultation and advice on your content for the home page

What’s NOT included:

  • Meeting specific requirements (e.g. – reaching specific score on mobiles in PageSpeed Insights or performance grade A on GTMetrix), as it strongly depends on your hosting quality and location, use of third-party services like Facebook integration, live chat systems etc. and your actual content.
  • Design and content building

What we offer is based on our hands-on experience with thousands of live websites running on Althemist themes. Please, note that we don’t offer configuration of your chosen performance plugins. We will chose the plugins that best serves the purpose of your website AND are also fully compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce and our themes. If you insist to use WP Rocket or Hummingbird for example and only need someone to properly configure those plugins, that’s not the right service for you.

WordPress Optimization Services are only offered for websites running on Althemist team WordPress themes.