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Woocommerce Remove Product Count

How to Hide Category Product Count in WooCommerce

By default WooCommerce shows Product Count Numbers just next to the category name in WooCommerce categories list. Sometimes that’s not something you want to show to your customers. You may have too much products and the huge number looks ugly, or too small amount of products and you don’t want to reveal that. Sometimes it … read more

Woocommerce Account Custom Tab

How to Add New Tab to My Account Page in WooCommerce

Adding new tab with custom content to the WooCommerce My Account page (and all shortcode appearances actually) is one of the most common customization requests we receive in the support forums for Althemist WooCommerce Themes. While this is a customization and obviously outside the scope of our support, we quite often end up providing similar … read more

Wordpress Child Themes

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Child Themes

What is a Child Theme? You can think about WordPress child themes as basically a sub-themes which design and functionality are based on its parent theme. Child themes allow you to customize certain design elements or functionalities of your site without altering the parent theme files. Most child themes consist of just few files. The … read more

Change Wordpress Featured Image Size

How to Customize WordPress Featured Image Sizes With a Child Theme

Quite often when you get a new WordPress theme, it’s pre-defined Featured Image sizes doesn’t quite fit the specific style of your website. Sometimes your image is being cropped in a way that simply doesn’t look good, maybe you want to have bigger images, or maybe you want to completely disable the crop and display … read more